BELL, is an instant bird’s nest beverage mixed collagen.


Red lid: Rock sugar formula, delicious taste, sweet enough, mellow.

Blue lid: Xylitol formula, for those who control sugar.

Carefully selected ingredients

100% bird’s nest, which has been specially selected is beneficial to the body in freshness. Intestinal digestive system and in matters of bone joints which is a product that passes the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

We use the sterile method which can be stored without needing to be refrigerated all the time. It can also be stored outside the freezer. with a shelf life of approximately 2 years.

Collagen that is good for “skin”

It is a natural protein consisting of amino acids, which are the smallest units of protein. include 3 types of amino acids. Therefore, for those who eat collagen in the body, the colour skin will be whiter and clearer naturally, this collagen will insert into the dermis cells.

Collagen cells are proteins that are inserted in the dermis layer of the body’s skin. But there will be a lot of extra on the face, chest and hips of women, so it’s a secret that makes the face, chest and hips white, firm, and flabby slowly if the body has enough collagen.

Collagen hydrolysate and osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a disease with no cure, the only treatment is pain medication and inflammation reduction. Therefore, the prevention and prolongation of joint life should be the first choice by consuming nutrients that are valuable for strengthening bone tissue.

From experimental studies, it was found that collagen can help prevent osteoarthritis. In addition, we also found collagen protein cells inserted in joints, cartilage heads, and joint bone ends to prevent osteoarthritis. When there is movement of the knee joints, elbows and spine around the intervertebral discs, collagen is also found in the fluid that nourishes the joints, which helps the movement of the body to be smooth, not stuck, without pain or inflammation.

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